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‘She died in excruciating pain, instead of being properly treated,’ says sailor’s father

Seaman Danyelle Luckey “didn’t die in combat or any military operation. She died from gross negligence of the medical providers on the ship she served, the USS Ronald Reagan,” said her father, Derrick Luckey.

Danyelle Luckey died from sepsis on 10 October 2016. The 23-year-old had been on the ship for two weeks, and had been going back and forth to medical from 3 to 9 October with worsening symptoms. “Her death was very preventable. She died in excruciating pain, instead of being properly treated,” Derrick Luckey told lawmakers during a hearing about patient safety and the quality of care in the military medical system.

“If the medical providers had given her a simple treatment of antibiotics instead of turning her away, she would be alive today,” he said.

Luckey and Army veteran Dez Del Barba, who said he lost part of his left leg and suffered 70% muscle and tissue damage after his strep infection went untreated, urged lawmakers to make changes so others in the military community don’t have to suffer.Both contend this could have been avoided if proper medical care, such as antibiotics, had been provided. And both said they haven’t been able to get any information on investigations, or any actions to hold anyone accountable.Read full story

Source: Yahoo News, 31 March 2022


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