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Diabetic patient found dead on hospital roof after medics ejected him while he was in shock

A diabetic pensioner died on the roof of a hospital after staff physically ejected him despite being in a “confused” state.

Stephen McManus, a long-term Type 1 diabetes patient, had earlier been rushed to Charing Cross Hospital in west London while suffering a hypoglycaemic episode.

Despite colleagues having expressed concerns about his slurred speech and erratic behaviour, a junior doctor decided the 60-year-old had the mental capacity to go home.

He was wheeled out of the building by security guards, despite having no phone, money and being in his slippers. His family had not been contacted to inform them he was being discharged.

Some time later Mr McManus re-entered the building and managed to gain access to a construction area, somehow finding his way onto the roof.

He was found dead the next morning following a police search after his family reported him missing.

An inquest has begun trying to establish why Stephen was allowed to leave the hospital in the first place and how he was able to access a potentially dangerous zone.

Mr McManus’s family say the case raises profound questions about the treatment of diabetic patients in the NHS.

“My father was an extremely vulnerable patient and the nature of his removal from the hospital is inexplicable, Jonathan McManus, his son, told The Telegraph.

“Had he been kept in hospital he would no doubt be alive today.”

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Source: Yahoo News, 19 February 2022


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