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‘Humiliated’ trust staff complain of ‘unprofessional behaviour’ and ‘lack of compassion’


‘Unprofessional’ behaviours, a lack of compassion, and tension among staff and managers are all contributing to pockets of ‘poor culture’ at an acute trust.

A Freedom to Speak Up report presented to the board of Buckinghamshire Healthcare Trust found there had been an increase in bullying and reports of staff members being “humiliated” during the last three months.

The report, which covers the first two quarters of 2021-22, highlighted a “lack of compassion, kindness, and understanding” between colleagues and noted “increasing levels of frustration” that people are not being held to account for “unprofessional” poor behaviours.

The report added the findings were not surprising due to the pressures of the pandemic experienced by staff.

It found: “There appears to be an increase in the proportion of concerns around interpersonal behaviours and communication issues as well as levels of frustration and tension amongst staff and managers.”

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Source: HSJ, 24 November 2021

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