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GPs to vote on industrial action over ‘name and shame’ reforms

GPs are set to be balloted on industrial action over controversial reforms proposed by health secretary Sajid Javid.

The “outraged” doctors in England have voted unanimously to reject the government’s plans at a British Medical Association (BMA) meeting.

The government wants to see GP surgeries ranked in league tables to “name and shame” those that do not carry out enough face-to-face appointments with their patients.

From early November, GPs will have to have their names and wages published if they earn an NHS salary of more than £150,000.

The BMA says that forcing GPs to publish their earnings “provides no benefit to patients or their care, yet will potentially increase acts of aggression towards GPs, will damage morale amongst the profession, and only worsen practices’ ability to recruit and retain GPs”.

GP surgeries will not be eligible for new funding if they fail to provide an “appropriate” number of in-person consultations. Patients will also be asked to rate their GPs via text message.

Mr Javid has insisted that his plans would improve patients’ access to primary care – but the union representing the GPs says it has been “left with no alternative” but to ballot over whether to take industrial action.

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Source: The Independent, 22 October 2021


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