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There is no greater priority for the Royal College of Nursing than the safety, security and wellbeing of its members and staff.

The RCN has today launched a new independent and confidential help and support line for any members or staff who have been affected by the issues relating to the reports received.  

Pat Cullen, General Secretary and Chief Executive, said: "Anyone can be affected by sexual harassment. It’s not restricted to any gender, age, ethnicity, sexuality or role. If you have been affected, it is important that you are listened to, supported, and helped to work through any actions you wish to take. This 0800 number will allow members or staff to discuss any concerns about sexual harassment related to RCN activity. 

“All staff and members have a right to feel safe and we are taking all necessary steps to provide that security. We must tackle the issues and behaviours that have no place in our College. We must demand better, for members and for the profession.”  

Read full story.

Source: RCN, 02 September 2021


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