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Private ambulance firm deregistered by CQC

A private ambulance company, KFA Medical,  which provided patient transport services for the NHS has been deregistered by the Care Quality Commission over concerns for patient safety. Concerns included lack of basic training and Disclosure and Barring Service checks on employees were not up to date or had not been carried out and when looking at four staff files none had current basic life support training.

Sarah Dronsfield, the CQC’s head of hospital inspection, said: “We have been working with the provider since their suspension in January, however when we carried out this inspection, we found the provider had been unable to implement and sustain the necessary improvements to assure us that people were receiving safe care. This action should send a very clear message to all providers of independent health and care services that while taking enforcement action of this nature is not something we take lightly, we will always take action where appropriate to protect the health and safety of patients,” 

Read full story (paywalled).

Source: 03 September 2021


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