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'Witch hunt' NHS Trust boss steps down

The boss of a NHS trust that asked hospital staff for fingerprints and handwriting samples as it hunted a whistleblower is stepping down.

Dr Stephen Dunn will leave West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust in the summer after seven years as chief executive.

An independent inquiry into the way management handled the affair is expected to report in the autumn.

In 2018, Jon Warby received a letter two months after the death of his wife, Susan. It claimed mistakes were made during her bowel surgery. An inquest into her death was subsequently told how she had been given glucose instead of saline fluid via an arterial line.

The Doctors' Association described the hospital's attempt to find the author of the letter a "witch-hunt".

A subsequent Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection said the way internal investigations had been conducted by the hospital was "unusual and of concern".

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Source: BBC News, 28 July 2021


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