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NHS staff face 'dread and anxiety' as virus cases surge again

A frontline respiratory consultant has said, “Healthcare professionals are deeply anxious about the impact of relaxing restrictions further given the current surge in Covid cases. To do away with risk-mitigating measures like social distancing and wearing of masks is incomprehensible to many of us. I feel anxious and frustrated".

Hospitals in Yorkshire and North of England may also be experiencing a fourth wave. Dr Nick Scriven has told The Guardian, “Us up north are experiencing a fourth wave in community cases, with an uptick in hospital cases. Although numbers are not massive it’s both frightening and upsetting for staff as ICU cases are rising with unvaccinated people, either as they are young or by choice or both. There is to me a growing feeling that vaccination makes this almost preventable.”

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Source. The Guardian, 9 July 2021


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