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Secrecy over care home deaths breakdown branded 'shameful' and 'shocking'


The refusal of an arm of the Scottish Government to release information about deaths in individual care homes during the pandemic has been branded “shameful” and “shocking” by opposition parties.

National Records of Scotland, which is responsible for the official recording of deaths in Scotland, breached Freedom of Information legislation by refusing to release the number of confirmed and suspected COVID-19 related deaths in each of Scotland’s care homes, the Scottish Information Commissioner has ruled.

While care home death figures have been published, the NRS refused to break these down by care home, citing “speculative” arguments about this release impacting care workers and the commercial interests of care home operators, the commissioner said.

“This is another devastating blow for the care home residents and families who have been denied justice,” he said.

“Those responsible must be held accountable and lessons must be learned.

“We need a Scottish public inquiry without delay.”

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Source: The Scotsman, 21 May 2021

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