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Infections linked to Glasgow child cancer hospital deaths

An infection "probably" linked to Glasgow's children's hospital was the "primary cause of death" of a young cancer patient, the BBC has learned.

Infections from contaminated water at the hospital were also found to have been an "important contributory factor" in another child's death.

A review looked into the cases of 84 children who developed infections while undergoing treatment at the hospital.

It found that a third of infections "probably" originated in the hospital and the rest were "possibly" acquired there.

The authors of the "case note review", which should be published next week, said they recognised that some families would be disappointed that they could not have "greater certainty" about the links between their child's infection and the hospital environment.

They said this was down to the limits of a retrospective review but also criticised the shortcomings in the data provided by the health board.

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Source: BBC News, 20 March 2021


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