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    As occupational therapists our aim is to maximise independence and support people to carry out daily life activities - their ‘occupations’. These activities include self-care, leisure and productivity - ranging from brushing your teeth to going to the supermarket. Our role requires a deep understanding of the significant impact that these seemingly ordinary routines have on peoples’ health and wellbeing. Occupational therapists are found in a variety of services across both physical and mental health. The role of an OT in any setting involves striking a balance between optimising patient
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    Hello! Patients with dementia or inattention (e.g. following stroke) can struggle to remember to use a walking aid prescribed by physiotherapists to enable safe mobility. This can result in increased falls, as patients mobilise without their aids. A simple solution is to provide a red walking aid; the colour contrasts with the surroundings and draws the patient’s attention to the aid, prompting them to use it for mobilising. There are no articles on this, possibly as it is hard to prove a causal link between red frames and reduced falls? I am looking for evidence (subjective or obje