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    Hello, the admin team at the Chronic Long Covid support group are pleased to announce the launch of the World's first portal and platform for post covid syndrome patients, researchers, institutes and practitioners. It offers a global central hub for people from around the World where can synthesise what we know and are finding out and share to advance knowledge and understanding of the disease. The administration team, Chronic Long Covid19 support group. http://www.chroniclongcovid.com
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    @HelenH, @Stephanie O'Donohue and others..... Helen can you email me @xxx ill give you my phone number....Ive a few things to share there.
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    Well... I worked with Ministers on this and raised it at registration with the APPG but was excluded from the APPG, despite sending in many documents and an email to Layla Moran MP. I was told I would be contacted by her secretary and wasn't. I nevertheless sent a 10,400 signature petition asking that post covid clinics be set up at all major hospitals immediately and proposed that they be done like at Ipswich hospital on a weekend so not to impact the existing outpatient backlog. Both Sir Simon Stevens at NHS England and Matt Hancock in public said they had set up clinics, the new app and so
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    Why do we need GP referrals to this service for assessment? Early patients untested cannot get access to GPs, not being believed, dismissed, told they are delusional. se have been sat for months unable to get referrals ...today someone got a referral and the NHS denied them that too. So we are getting no support. We are having a host of around 200 effects (Ive documented them), most of us are weeks 12 to 33 and having lung cognitive and heart problems. We needs mri and ct scans now and we cant be joining the back of already lengthy outpatient appointments. theresa huge backlog. When is someone