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    Painful Womb Biopsy last year - treatment on-going.
    HMB sufferer for years - constantly anemic! Awaiting GA for Laperoscopy for futher investigation, Hysteroscopy, removal of polyps and possible fibroids.
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    Endometrial/uterine Biopsy October 2019 Following the discovery of a cyst on my ovary and raised Ca 125 blood levels…I was put on the ‘2 week urgent referral pathway’ to my local hospital. I have to give credit for the speed from my doctor’s referral on the Thursday, the hospital rang on the Friday appointment letter received on the Saturday and I was seen on the Monday. Attending with a full bladder (as that’s what my letter instructed – it had even been underlined in pen) I spoke with the Dr, thankfully she assured me from the scan taken previously she wasn’t overly concerned any