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    A monthly journal for all operating theatre staff covering surgical and anaesthesia news.



    September issue

    • Serious hazards of transfusion (SHOT) report warns of alarming increase in transfusion errors and harm to patients.
    • Doctors cut waiting list for breast cancer surgery patients.
    • Study reveals surgeons need to improve how they communicate with patients about new procedures.
    • Professor Sir Terence Stephenson, "all NHS trusts must use barcodes to locate high-risk devices".
    • Nurses’ intentions to quit increased during the pandemic despite their high resilience.

    August issue

    • Most common medical claims: How to avoid malpractice allegations.
    • Report recommends packaging and labelling change to prevent implant ‘never event’.
    • New guidance on safe injection practice in hospitals emphasises the importance of prefilled and labelled syringes in avoiding medication errors.
    • Progress with the new hospital programme.
    • Advancements in minimally invasive surgery: Techniques, instruments, and patient outcomes.

    July issue

    • NHS must accept accountability and learn from mistakes.
    • Simulation based education in healthcare higher education: In what ways does it impact perceived clinical confidence, knowledge, and skills acquisition in student Operating Department Practitioners?
    • Risk reduction in endo-tracheal tube fixation.
    • Historic plan launched to move Wales towards zero deaths from bowel cancer.
    • Taking higher-than-recommended doses of Vitamin D for five years reduced the risk of atrial fibrillation.
    • As complications from cosmetic tourism rise, UK and Turkish plastic surgeons unite to issue consumer guidelines.
    • New research highlights opportunities to improve care of patients having major surgery.

    June issue

    • How to THRIVE in the Operating Theatre
    • Preoperative optimisation: The effect of prehabilitation interventions on the postoperative recovery of cancer patients undergoing colorectal surgery – Literature review and discussion based paper.
    • Surgeons must tackle three global health challenges to save lives.
    • “PERUSE before you Infuse”.
    • Artificial Intelligence could speed up heart attack diagnosis,
    • SurgiBox: Ukraine’s SurgiBox Project has been successfully demonstrating safe surgery to patients around the world

    May issue

    • Reducing mortality in emergency surgery: Focussing minds through a national clinical audit in the NHS.
    • Majority of NHS trusts do not offer training to prevent sexual harassment, study finds.
    • Handwashing during ‘normal times’ can reduce burden of respiratory disease.
    • The Surgical Education Checklist as a tool to improve teaching within the operating theatre.

    April issue

    • NatSSIPs 2 Sequential Steps: The NatSSIPs Eight – Flowchart.
    • Mobile operating theatre helping drive down waiting times in Yorkshire.
    • Why hospitals and ICBs are seeking new intel to find hidden high-risk patients on waiting lists.

    March issues

    • NHS Scotland first in world to ‘clean up’ anaesthetic gases.
    • New standards to Improve the safety of invasive procedures in the NHS.
    • Researchers suggest novel cutpoints for diagnosing cardiac hypertrophy in adolescents and young adults.
    • NHS patients targeted to reduce risks as they wait for hospital treatment.


    • New standards to improve the safety of invasive procedures in the NHS.
    • Delphi Study Round Three – A study across NHS England hospital trust operating theatres.
    • Crash and burn(out) – Aviation-style safety checklist and confidential helpline for surgical community to prevent mental health crisis.
    • A Wound Care Study: has the pandemic led to new and improved ways of working?
    • HSIB investigation: Access to critical patient information at the bedside.
    • Artificial intelligence, Patient safety and achieving the quintuple aim in anaesthesiology.


    • Delphi Study Round Two – A study across NHS England hospital trust operating theatres.
    • Intercollegiate green theatre checklist
    • Local Interventions to support the recovery of elective surgery at the University College London Hospitals department of theatres & anaesthesia.


    December issue

    • Delphi Study Round One – A study across NHS England Hospital Trust operating theatres.
    • Managing NHS backlogs and waiting times in England.
    • Steroid injections worsen knee arthritis, according to two new studies.
    • First robotic hysterectomy completed in Wales.
    • World’s first algae-based local anaesthetic another step closer to reality.
    • How new bacterial species siscovered in Asian soil could help battle against antibiotic resistance

    November issue

    • New research calls for all health and care staff to be trained in AI
    • Reducing noise in operating theatre improves children’s behaviour after surgery, study finds
    • Brain tumour patient operated on awake while playing saxophone
    • No difference between spinal versus general anaesthesia in patients having hip fracture surgery finds study

    October issue

    • Why are intra-operative surgical Never Events still occurring in NHS operating theatres?
    • Radical rethink needed to improve safety in health and social care.
    • World Anaesthesia Day 2022: History, significance, celebrations and theme.
    • £4 million “space-age” operating theatre will help bring down eye surgery backlog.
    • Two thirds of nurses choosing between food and fuel as cost of living bites and one in five turn to food banks.
    • ‘An inspirational story’: Hartlepool cleaner changes career to become hospital nurse.

    September issue

    • Service evaluation of the current World Health Organisation’s Surgical Safety Checklist in spine surgery at the University Hospitals of Derby & Burton. Could this lead to a change in NHS Improvement?
    • The Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging System Project.
    • Cancelled operations could be prevented by an earlier anaemia test and time to prepare.
    • The top 10 things experts need you to know about screening during Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month September 2022
    • £35.5m for New Friarage Hospital Operating Theatres.
    • New robotic surgical system revolutionises patient care at UHCW.
    • Insourcing: Giving NHS operating theatre teams a helping hand.
    • Arterial stiffness raises blood pressure in adolescents via insulin resistance.
    • Birmingham’s Public Health Chief is among sector leaders to receive university honours,
    Latest issue of the Operating Theatre Journal https://otjonline.com/back-issues/
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