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Progressing a global action plan and monitoring framework on infection prevention and control

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Last week in Geneva the World Health Organisation Executive Board approved the “draft global action plan for infection prevention and control, 2024‒2030: draft global action plan and monitoring framework” and this will now proceed to the World Health Assembly in May for ratification by all WHO Member States.

This very detailed action plan with its set of indicators, outlines a plan for countries and health care facilities to achieve the global vision that by 2030, everyone accessing or providing health care is safe from associated infections. A set of annexes go into the detail on the indicators and key players that will be instrumental in implementation of the plan once it has been ratified. There's a big focus on ensuring that in each country, IPC programmes are aligned with and contribute to other complementary national programmes’ strategies and documents, this is where the IPC-patient safety-quality-AMR interlinkages, relationships and collaborations (to name but a few programmes) come into play.

The plan also addresses the need for political commitment, health worker knowledge, data for action, advocacy and communications, research and development and collaboration and stakeholders’ support. A theory of change is available.

2024 offers to be an interesting year for those working to improve infection prevention and control as one part of patient and health worker safety and quality.


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