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Volunteers in health and social care - we want your safety stories!

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Do you volunteer your time in a health or social care setting? Volunteers play an important role in many organisations and have valuable perspectives to share. 
In support of Volunteers Week (1-7 June) we are asking volunteers to share their safety stories. 
  • Perhaps you have ideas around how safety can be improved in your field of work - whether that's in a hospice, hospital, charity or care setting. 
  • Or you might have been part of a project that has improved safety and would like to share that with others.
You can get involved and share your insights by commenting below or by emailing our team at content@pslhub.org
To comment below, simply register first for free. It's quick and easy to do. 
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Great initiative! 
I’m Flávia from Brazil, living in Copenhagen Denmark since last feb. I’m participating in a collaborative project in Brazil to prevent healthcare associated infections in the ICUs, between the project’s driver diagrams we have one with changes ideas related to the development of competences in quality and patient safety for leaders and staff as well as for patients and family members. I will email for psfhub what we learned with theses experiences. Tks 

1 reactions so far

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