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Have you been involved in an extravasation injury?

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986790892_Screenshot2023-03-07111843.png.6de198682e75bbb038126721b9aee053.pngInfiltration is when fluid or intravenous drugs are administered to a patient (which are given to patients into a vein through a cannula or other device) inadvertently leak into the tissue surrounding a vein by mistake. Extravasation is when infiltration occurs but  the  drugs involved are called vesicants which  can damage the tissue and cause serious harm to the patient.

The National Infusion and Vascular Access Society (NIVAS) are leading a campaign, to improve awareness of infiltration and extravasation and reduce avoidable harm. 

  • Do you have insights to share on this topic?
  • Perhaps you are a patient who has had an extravasation injury?
  • Or a healthcare professional who has insights to share around making improvements?

Share your thoughts below (you'll need to register for free here first).

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