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What has been the impact of the Prescribing Competency Framework?

Steve Turner

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In the UK there is a Prescribing Competency Framework which applies to ALL prescribers. This has been in place since 2012.

In my blog I use examples of, what I believe to be, fundamental prescribing failings to discuss its impact and the extent to which it has been adopted.

1. Do the prescribers in your team use the competency framework?

2. Is the competency framework part of the prescribing CPD in your organisation?

3. Is the competency framework used as part of prescribers’ annual appraisals?

4. How is prescribing competency monitored in your organisation, and is the competency framework included in clinical supervision?

5. Does your organisation use the prescribing competency framework in clinical governance sessions?

6. Is the prescribing competency framework referred to in incident investigation reports?

Link to blog: 


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@Steve Turner An excellent blog, thank you. Very powerful concluding thoughts: 

Given the annual expenditure on medicines with the benefits and risks involved in their use, it seems surprising to me that the art and science of prescribing medicines receives so little attention in investigation reports, and from public bodies.

I believe patients, the public and healthcare practitioners need to be aware of the Prescribing Competency Framework and why the framework must be applied in practice, used in clinical supervision and CPD, and why we must all speak out if we believe it is not being followed.

At present it appears that, since the demise of the National Prescribing Centre, no national body is picking up on this need for more awareness, training and education specifically related to prescribing. I believe that patients are being harmed and lives may be being lost as a direct result of this gap in learning.

I do hope that your blog and discussion drives the change needed. 

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