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Call for posters!!!

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Do you have a poster that you have produced that supports patient and staff safety? 

Want to share it with the wider community? 

Why not upload it to the hub?  We would LOVE to see it.

Its easy... here's how:

  • Please email your posters to info@pslhub.org as either a pdf, jpg, gif, png or ppt file (file size limit 10Mb).
  • Alternatively, if your poster is already on a website, please email the url of the poster to us. 
  • Along with your poster, please provide a brief summary of what your poster is presenting (no more than 150 words).

Posters should be relevant to anyone with an interest in improving patient safety, and meet at least one of the following hub content criteria:

  • Evidence-based: either through evidence of an experience, practical application, analysis of data, or measured success or failure
  • Create a learning opportunity
  • Look at the systemic issues and solutions related to patient safety.

Looking forward to seeing and sharing them.


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