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The future of healthcare investigations


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This free webinar will explore what the future looks like for this critical area of human factors investigation. The presenters will each talk about a different aspect and there will be time for you to ask questions.

The future of healthcare investigation: focus on learning and improvement
Mark Sujan will talk about the new NHS England Patient Safety Incident Response Framework (PSIRF) which puts emphasis on learning and improvement. You’ll hear about the limitations of existing approaches to learning from incidents in healthcare, which PSIRF tries to overcome. You’ll then find out about the principles of organisational learning for achieving sustainable change, based on the CIEHF guidance.

Transition: HSIB to HSSIB and MNSI
HSIB’s Deinniol Owens will reveal that in April 2023, the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB) will transition into two new organisations: The Health Services Safety Investigation Body (HSSIB) and the Maternity and Newborn Safety Investigations (MNSI) Special Health Authority. You’ll get insight into the roles of the new organisations and hear about the additional focus on the new powers and opportunities available to HSSIB now that it’s been confirmed in statute by the Health and Care Act 2022.

Investigation education: The transfer of knowledge
Andrew Murphy-Pittock will explore one of the key objectives of HSIB, which is to transfer knowledge to those undertaking and overseeing patient safety investigations. You’ll find out how HSIB has developed a flexible, agile programme, working with colleagues at PSIRF, to help healthcare organisations on the move away from the Serious Incident Framework to a systems-focused approach to learning, involving those affected by incidents in the process. You’ll also hear about current and future plans for the education programme.

Who will this be of interest to?

This webinar should be of interest to healthcare professionals, investigators, change managers, process designers and anyone with an interest in patient safety.


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