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NHS Long Term Plan Webinar Series: Reducing the burden on the NHS Challenging the status quo

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Poor lifestyle choices are leading to a rapid growth in non-communicable diseases, resulting in increased healthcare expenditure, preventable morbidity, and premature deaths.

The increasingly sedentary nature of our lifestyles, which can lead to obesity or being overweight, has contributed to growth in the numbers suffering from type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Prevention and effective management of long-term conditions is likely to be more cost effective than treating the illnesses as they occur.

This webinar will highlight how behaviour change can reduce the likelihood of becoming obese, becoming type 2 diabetic, or suffering from heart disease.

The session will look at recommendations around four key health and wellness pillars; activity, sleep, stress and nutrition and how achieving balance across them can help prevent some non-communicable diseases.

It will explore ‘social prescriptions’ and the role they can play to help those at risk of, or suffering from these diseases to actively participate in their own health and care.

Additionally, it will consider how remote patient monitoring can help proactively manage these patient populations outside of primary and secondary care environments, reducing the burden on NHS resources.


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