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Equality and diversity webinar: Taking an anti-racist stance in your day-to-day

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The NHS is the biggest UK employer of Black and Minority Ethnic staff. More action needs to be taken to tackle disparities and prejudice to make our NHS more equitable for staff and patients alike.

Dr Anu Obaro has recently shared her experiences through a BOB impact story, in which she has reflected on how she presented the subject to her peers at a roundtable event.

Join Dr Anu Obaro and guests for a one-hour webinar as they discuss how you can take action to instil anti-racism where you work.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How racism can be institutionalised.
  • How you can spread and scale the learnings from Dr Obaro’s write-up on BOB.
  • How you can gather data to demonstrate outcomes in your workplace.


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