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ISQua's 37th International Conference. Emotion, inspiration and creativity: Pathway to global health quality


Event details

This year ISQua is holding a virtual conference.

Reasons to attend:

  1. To acknowledge the hard work that the healthcare workers around the world have undertaken during the COVID-19 pandemic;.
  2. To remember those who have died and to dedicate ourselves to improve what we do, so that we will be better prepared for the next time a crisis arises.
  3. To share knowledge and to learn from the experts in the field, as well as those who deliver and receive care.
  4. To hear from the great plenary speaker line-up that we have assembled.
  5. To attend symposia on coproduction of health, external evaluation, patient safety and quality improvement, and those concentrating on work in Australia, the Netherlands and Ireland, and by the ISQua Academy;
  6. To go to over 30 one hour seminars and workshops
  7. To have the opportunity to meet the Experts.
  8. To hear the shorter presentations and to read the posters where novel ideas are presented.

Full programme


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