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Diversity is a fact, inclusion is a choice

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Diversity is a matter of makeup and composition. Inclusion is a matter of belief and behaviour. Diversity benefits no one unless we can unleash its power; simply putting diverse people together doesn't tap their creative potential. Inclusion does that. Inclusion releases talent and activates a cooperative system to harvest that talent. Without inclusion, we stall, sputter, and break down. Yet many organizations declare victory after becoming more diverse. That's a premature and uncritical celebration. Becoming more diverse is just the first step in a two-step transformation.

This webinar will discuss the socialisation of exclusionary bias and how to accelerate its removal. We will also discuss the difference between bonding and bridging behaviours and conduct a global brainstorming session to identify specific bridging behaviors that organisations can implement to create sanctuaries of inclusion. Findings will be gathered, designed, and shared following the event. 


  1. What is diversity? (Make up and composition vs. Belief and behaviour)
  2. What is inclusion? (Being seen, heard, and appreciated)
  3. What is exclusionary bias? (Individual vs. systemic)
  4. How to accelerate the removal of exclusionary bias
  5. Biased behaviour brainstorm: Starting and Stopping
  6. Bonding vs. bridging behaviours: What’s the difference?
  7. Bridging behavior brainstorm: Starting and Stopping


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