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Building collaborative leadership across health and care organisations course


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Integration and collaboration are central features of current health care policy. During the Covid-19 pandemic we have seen some great examples of NHS organisations coming together, as well as closer working between health and local government, and health and the voluntary sector. Greater collaboration across health and care organisations will continue to be important as the system begins to recover.  

This King's Fund programme is designed to equip senior leaders to develop the skills and behaviours associated with a more collaborative style of leadership. It uses current policy developments to inform and test out what will be most helpful in ‘the real world’ of ICS, STPs and place-based working.

The programme takes place over six months and will be a combination of virtual and face to face modules.

  • Module one: 20–21 January 2021 (online via Zoom)
  • Module two: 24–25 March 2021 (online via Zoom)
  • Module three: 24–25 May 2021 (London)
  • Module four: 2–3 June 2021 (London)

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