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RSM: Sources of stress and its impact on the individual and the team


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Explore the link between healthcare staff wellbeing and patient safety in the first episode of the Royal Society of Medicine's Patient Safety Section's webinar series, Optimising Strength and Resilience. 

The wellbeing of healthcare professionals is fundamental to the delivery of high-quality, safe patient care. It has become a major focus of attention during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in relation to physical and mental health, resilience and potential for burnout.

In contrast to existing resources and support initiatives, this series is designed to be proactive and help healthcare staff anticipate and prepare for stressful events. It will offer knowledge and tools to help staff to manage stressful events in both their professional and personal lives.

Join Dr Anne-Marie Doyle, consultant clinical psychologist and Dr Elizabeth Haxby, immediate Past President of the RSM Patient Safety Section, for this interactive webinar which will help healthcare professionals to identify sources of stress, acknowledge its impact on individuals and teams and understand how they respond to stresses.

Using systems theory and strengths-based positive psychology, this session will examine the concept of integrated health and psychological resilience.


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