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Overcoming short-termism after COVID-19: how can policymakers better prepare for the future?


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COVID-19 has shown clearly why governments need to prepare for an uncertain future. Preparation means more creative strategic thinking, more analysis of what might be ahead, and an acceptance of the value of reserve capacity to mitigate risk. Could the pandemic be a re-defining moment for how the UK government prepares for uncertainty, plans for the long-term and thus builds resilience?

This won’t happen by accident: policymakers have strong incentives to pay attention only to the short-term. What are convincing arguments as to why they should change? What else would make them, and their successors, do it?

Join The Health Foundation for this webinar, where they will consider these issues and what practical steps can be taken now to strengthen capacity for long-term thinking and dealing with uncertainty in UK policymaking – steps that might be hard-wired into normal policymaking now and in the future.

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