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Flight Safety Foundation: Learning from All Operations


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The Flight Safety Foundation goal with this Seminar is to promote further globally the practical implementation of the concepts of system safety thinking, resilience and Safety II. There will be two sessions, one for each day, that will consist of briefings and a Q&A panel afterwards.

The following themes are suggested for briefings and discussions for the Seminar

1.The limits of only learning from unwanted events.
2. Individuals’ natural versus organisations’ consciously pursued resilience.
3. How the ancient evolutionary individual instincts for psychological safety affect individual and team learning and how these can be positively managed?
4. The slow- and fast-moving sands of operations and environment change over time and their significance for safety.
5. How to pay as much attention to why work usually goes well as to why it occasionally goes wrong?
6. Understanding performance adjustments of individuals to get the job done.
7. The blessings and perils of performance variability.
8. Learning from data versus learning from observing.
9. Learning from differences in operations versus learning from monitoring for excrescences.
10. Can risk- and resilience-based concepts work together?
11. Does just culture matter for learning from success?
12. How to document explicitly, maintain current and use the information about success factors and safety barriers and shall this be a part of organisational SMS?

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