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Digital health and care: learning from COVID-19 (virtual conference)


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COVID-19 has transformed the delivery of health care services, bringing about unprecedented change in very little time. Changes that were thought to require years of careful planning happened in many cases overnight, with technology proving to be a key factor in supporting patients and staff in the delivery of care.

In this four-day event, the King's Fund are bringing together top experts from the NHS and other parts of the digital health system to discuss the lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic. From the benefits of emergency data gathering in order to work on new treatments, to the transfer of primary care services online, COVID-19 has been the catalyst bringing about the long-discussed digital revolution. With almost every part of the system shaken by Covid-19, was all digital change positive and what are the challenges still left to tackle?

Join to hear the views of NHS and industry leaders who played a central role in bringing about the new digital reality for health care. It will explore how they managed to adapt to the pressing needs of the pandemic, which cutting-edge innovative solutions they wish to retain  as the system returns to ‘normal’ and what problems this speedy digital transformation has created.

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