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Webinar. Patient Safety: Time for questions? Non COVID-19 care and treatment

Event details

Co-hosted by Patient Safety Learning and Health+Care. This free webinar will cover non COVID-19 care and treatment.

The webinar will include a panel of experts around patient safety that both pose and answer questions relating to patient and staff safety. This will include everything from leadership, safety culture, access to safe care, human factors, the challenges to this and innovative solutions including products/services.

The panel includes:

  • Professor Maureen Baker CBE, Chair of the Professional Record Standards Body and past Chair of the Royal College of GPs
  • Professor Mike Bewick, Chair of CECOPS and past Deputy Medical Director to Sir Bruce Keogh at NHS England
  • Dr Jane Carthey – Human Factors and Patient Safety Specialist
  • Mike Fairbourn, Chair of ABHI Patient Safety Working Group & BD Country General Manger
  • Claire Cox – Associate Director of Patient Safety Learning and Clinical Care Outreach Sister
  • Helen Hughes, Chief Executive, Patient Safety Learning

It will cover patient and staff safety issues including:

  • How to achieve an appropriate balance between coronavirus and ‘ordinary’ health and care demand.
  • Meeting the wave of pent-up demand for health and care services that have been delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak.
  • Meeting extra demand for mental health services as a result of the societal and economic impacts of lockdown.
  • Meeting the needs of rapidly discharged hospital patients with a higher level of complexity.


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Hi there, was this webinar recorded? Unfortunately I had a meeting clash, but would love to catch up on it if possible.


Many thanks,



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