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Digital Health & Care Forum: Building trust in AI and data-driven health & care


Event details

Bevan Brittan are delighted to announce their next Digital Health and Care Forum. This session will be hosted in partnership with the Masala Network, the health and life science network for South Asians in the UK.

At this in-person event, we will be joined by a panel of experts in the field including:

  • Dr Amrita Kumar, AI Clinical Lead and Consultant Radiologist at NHS
  • Haris Shuaib, Founder and CEO at Newton’s Tree
  • Helen Hughes, Chief Executive at Patient Safety Learning
  • Hassan Chaudhury, Co-Founder at Vita Health Care Solutions
  • Daniel Morris, Partner at Bevan Brittan

AI and data-driven technology continues to revolutionise health and care at a giddying pace and offers enormous opportunity to shape and future-proof health systems that could be more affordable, sustainable and equitable. But to fully realise AI’s transformational potential there is a pressing need to ensure public and clinical buy-in. In this session we will consider how evidence and ethical based frameworks and guidelines, patient safety measures and regulation can all foster trust in AI. 

The Digital Health & Care Forum is intended to be an interactive session and an opportunity and safe space  to exchange views, identify and explore key issues and share knowledge. Our events are attended by developers, purchasers, providers, funders, insurers and policy makers. 


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