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Complaints, resolution & mediation

Event details

This course is suitable for anybody who deals with complaints as part of their job role, or anybody who may have to handle a complaint. This includes dedicated complaints teams and customer support teams and managers. 

A highly interactive and effective workshop to improve confidence and consistency in handling complaints, we will demonstrate a simple model to facilitate effective responses, and delegates will have the opportunity to practise the use of our unique AERO approach.

With complaint volumes increasing, and individual complaints rising in term of conflict and emotional impact, early resolution and de-escalation are key objectives within healthcare complaints. Mediation is a highly effective alternative dispute resolution approach, and the skills deployed by mediators provide useful tools for diffusing complaint situations arising at the point of delivery/interaction. Developing the skills and confidence to explore perspective, seek to understand the root and true cause of the patients concerns (the complaint ‘iceberg’) and introducing resolution techniques empower teams to increase the chances of achieving a resolution with less detrimental impact on their own and the healthcare team’s wellbeing. Mediation techniques also produce a clearer understanding of the complaint and why the situation escalated.

The masterclass explains how mediation works and how techniques can be used effectively within local complaint resolution to develop a person-centred process (for both patient and healthcare professional). Within these key areas, the course will explore how unconscious bias plays a role in complaints and their resolution. A mediation inspired approach to complaint resolution produces invaluable insight to help reduce recurring complaint situations, develop training and development plans and support the teams on the frontline.

Key objectives

  • Improved confidence in using mediation techniques to resolve challenging customer complaints.
  • Use of a methodology to improve consistency in successfully addressing challenging customer concerns.
  • Personal Action plan to take back to my role and my team.


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