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Home sweet home: The power of paediatric virtual wards


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On the NHS75 anniversary, NHSE announced that paediatrics will be the next priority pathway for the rollout of virtual wards. With over 350,000 children in the queue for treatment, capacity pressures continue to mount for paediatric teams. The stage is set for paediatric virtual wards to address these pressures head-on, and emerging evidence is promising. Pilot sites have demonstrated paediatric virtual wards can:

  • Reduce a child’s length of stay in hospital by an average of 3 days
  • Decrease hospital readmission by 38% for children with chronic conditions.

So what is needed to build paediatric virtual wards that work for both children and their caregivers? This webinar will dive into the nuanced approach required when caring for children at home, bringing in insights and learnings from leading UK paediatric clinicians and experts working in the field.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The need for a fresh approach: the huge potential for paediatric virtual wards to reduce pressure in paediatric departments and why these pathways require teams to think differently
  • Lessons from the front-line: the key take-aways from one of the first NHS sites to trial paediatric virtual wards
  • How to build a successful paediatric virtual ward: what is needed to set up a paediatric virtual ward pathway and team for success


  • Zoe Tribble, Children's Nurse
  • Jim McDonald, Black Country ICB
  • Juliana Faleti, Paediatric Nurse

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