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Care Opinion: Can positive patient feedback help improve healthcare? Results of a systematic scoping review


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Many health care professionals believe that while critical patient feedback may help improve services, positive patient feedback has no such value. But is that really true?

In this, Care Opinion's 21st research chat, we welcome Dr Stefan Rennick Egglestone, who has recently led a review of research on this issue (in press with Plos One). We'll be discussing what the 68 papers in the review can tell us about the real value of positive patient feedback to staff and services.


Care Opinion research chats are informal and friendly, and last 30 minutes in all.

For the first 15 minutes we’ll discuss the research, and then invite your comments and questions via the chat box (or in person if you prefer).

Who should attend

Anyone with an interest can come along - you don't need to be academic, and you don't need to have read the paper. Just coming along and listening is fine. So do join us!

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