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HoPE Storytelling Festival - The Solent story


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Here at Solent, we have fundamentally changed the way we work with local people and communities. We want to ensure that the way we develop, design and improve our services is based on what really matters most to people who use them, not that we believe as health professionals is important. We now actively recognise and celebrate the strengths of our community, as people with exceptional knowledge, skills and expertise, that which sadly often goes untapped by providers of health and care services.

By working with the Touch Network, we are enabling people to unlock stories about difficult times. This helps us understand what we do well, and what we need to change to ensure people who use our services have a positive experience of care.  Do join us, Debs Carter, Founder of Touch Network and Sarah Balchin, Director of Community Engagement and Experience, to hear our story of sharing and learning.


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