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Collaboration, mobilisation and innovation in public health: what worked and what’s next


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Local public health systems have recently been tested to an unprecedented degree. The pandemic response since March 2020 has necessitated the scaling up of diagnostic and testing capacity, enhanced collaborative working across the health system and a rapidly assembled nationwide vaccination programme. 
This free online event from the King's Fund will provide an opportunity to share experiences and lessons from the public health response to the pandemic, including how local systems have mobilised and collaborated, the barriers faced by those designing and delivering services and priorities for ensuring the NHS and wider public health system are equipped to tackle any future public health crisis. 
Recognising the link between inequalities and pandemic-related health outcomes, our expert panel will also explore ways to increase vaccine uptake in deprived communities and share data across local areas to inform the response. This discussion will consider the role of innovation and those involved at a place and system level in the response to emerging health security concerns and the challenges that remain for integration between health system partners.


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