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HSJ webinar - How to tackle the backlog of patients with mental health needs


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The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a dramatic increase in the percentage of adults showing moderate or severe symptoms of depression. The Office for National Statistics said that over 16% of adults were affected in 2020 – compared with around 10% in 2019. Those affected were more likely to feel stressed or anxious and worried about their future than in 2019. 

Many of these people will need support and treatment from the NHS – and may not have sought it during the pandemic. In addition, financial pressures over the coming years may lead to more cases of depression.

Some will seek help from their GP and be referred onwards for treatment – often to the sort of “talking therapies” used in IAPTs. But getting access to these is not always straightforward or quick, and patients can often represent to their GP seeking help. In addition, patients can suffer low points but not be able to access support until their next IAPTs session. 

This HSJ webinar, in association with Ethypharm Digital Therapy, will look at these issues and ask what solutions are available.

  • What is the current situation with support for those with depression and how does it impact on GPs and other primary care professionals, as well as patients? 
  • What are the challenges around existing IAPTs capacity? Is there scope for other existing mental health  services to assist?
  • How can digital solutions be used to increase capacity?
  • How can solutions be scaled up for use across an integrated care system area?

Speakers include: 

  • Dr Kate Lovett, consultant psychiatrist, former dean of the Royal College of Psychiatrists
  • Andy Bell, deputy chief executive, Centre for Mental Health
  • Hélène Moore, Pharmaceutical, Ethypharm
  • Claire Read, HSJ contributor (webinar chair)

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