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Guy's and St Thomas' launch "3D printing farm"


Guy's and St Thomas' has received its first delivery of face shields created in a specially developed "3D printing farm", in collaboration with 3D printing companies and enthusiasts.

The face shields will be worn by frontline medical staff tending to patients during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Several 3D printing manufacturers have been brought together at Guy's and St Thomas' supply chain hub in Dartford, with over 200 printers working 24 hours a day to make the face shields. This 3D printing farm can produce roughly 1,500 face shields a day.

The face shields are paired with a visor, assembled by a team of volunteers made up of 3D printing enthusiasts, as well as students and staff from King's College London and Brunel University.

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Source: Guy's and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust, 21 April 2020

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