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My A&E department is eerily quiet. I'm worried the very sick are staying away

"I have never seen my A&E department so still, so well-staffed and so uncannily calm," says Steven Fabes, an A&E doctor.

Attendances in A&E departments across the country are down, in some cases by up to 80%.

There is an obvious reason for the calm: people are not out and about. Pedestrians are not walking out in front of cyclists. Cyclists are not diving over car bonnets. Asthmatics are not wheezing through the fumes of Oxford Street. But there is something more worrying at play, too – people who need us are not coming in.

"I am worried that people who need us are not coming in, scared that hospitals are vectors for infection rather than cure," says Steven.

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Source: The Guardian, 23 April 2020


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