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Urology inquiry: Waiting lists greatest source of harm

A former consultant at the Southern Health Trust has told an inquiry into urology services that waiting lists are the "greatest source of patient harm".

The inquiry was established in 2021 and is examining the trust's handling of urology services prior to May 2020.

Aidan O'Brien became a consultant urologist in Craigavon Area Hospital in July 1992.

His work is at the centre of the inquiry.

Giving evidence on Monday, he said waiting list figures highlighted what "myself and my colleagues [have said] for decades" and described it as a "grossly inadequate service".

"If you look at four-and-a-half years for urgent surgery, it is appalling," he told the inquiry.

"I don't have a magic solution to the current situation, which is dire."

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Source: BBC News, 8 April 2024


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