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Links between primary and secondary care must be ‘streamlined’ says NHSE

All trusts should pick a “designated lead” for improving how they work with primary care, according to new NHS planning guidance

The guidance for 2024-25 published by NHS England today states: “Every trust should have a designated lead for the primary–secondary care interface.”

It also asks integrated care boards to “regularly review progress” on how secondary care services are working with primary care.

NHSE recovery plans include trying to cut the number of patients effectively referred back to GP practices by other services, in order to reduce GP workload.

The guidance states: “Streamlining the patient pathway by improving the interface between primary and secondary care is an important part of recovery and efficiency across healthcare systems”.

The planning guidance — published on Wednesday night after months of delays — also said systems should continue to develop integrated neighbourhood teams, including by trying to “improve the alignment of relevant community services” to primary care network footprints. 

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Source: HSJ, 27 March 2024


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