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Coronavirus: PM says everyone should avoid office, pubs and travelling

The Prime Minister has said everyone in the UK should avoid "non-essential" travel and contact with others to curb coronavirus as the country's death toll hit 55.

Boris Johnson said people should work from home where possible as part of a range of stringent new measures, which include:

1. Everyone of every age should avoid any non-essential social contact and travel.

2. Everyone to avoid pubs, clubs, cinemas, theatres and restaurants etc.

3. Everyone to avoid large gatherings - including sports events.

4. Everyone should work from home where possible.

5. If anyone in a house has CV19 symptoms, everyone in that house has to isolate for at least 14 days

6. Over 70s and those at risk (including pregnant women) to stay home for 12 weeks, which means no going out to shops or collect anything etc., unless there is no other option.

Schools will not close for the moment. 

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Source: BBC News, 16 March 2020


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