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Crumbling concrete: Raac found in 18 more hospitals in England

Eighteen more hospitals in England contain potentially crumbling concrete, bring the total affected to 42, the Department of Health has confirmed.

The reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (Raac) has also been found in 214 schools and colleges in England as well as thousands of other buildings. NHS Providers, which represents hospitals, said the concrete "puts patients and staff at risk".

Full structural surveys are taking place at all newly confirmed sites. The government said it was committed to eradicating Raac from NHS buildings completely by 2035. Seven of the worst-affected hospitals will be replaced by 2030 as part of the programme to build 40 new hospitals in England, it added.

Sir Julian Hartley, chief executive of NHS Providers, said there had been fears that more of the material would be found following surveys of NHS buildings. "Trusts are doing everything they can, at huge cost, to keep patients safe where this concrete is found," he said.

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Source: BBC News, 21 October 2023


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