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Trusts warned to check helipad safety after death

Trusts have been told to check the safety of their helipads after an accident in a hospital car park left a pensioner dead.

Jean Langan, 87, was blown over by the “downwash” of air from a helicopter at Derriford Hospital last year. She was walking through a car park at the hospital after an appointment when she fell and hit her head as an HM Coastguard helicopter landed on the hospital’s helipad. Another elderly woman broke her pelvis.

Now the Health and Safety Executive has written to trust chief executives reminding them of their duty to manage health and safety risks around helipads. These risks include downwash from helicopters, the moving parts of helicopters, and the design and location of helipads.

Read full story (paywalled)

Source: HSJ, 2 August 2023


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