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Scottish mesh implant women to be offered case reviews

Women in Scotland who have experienced complications following vaginal mesh surgery are to be offered an independent review of their case notes.

Mesh implants have been used to treat conditions some women suffer after childbirth, such as incontinence and prolapse. However, many women experienced painful, debilitating side effects.

Some of the women who have suffered complications met First Minister Nicola Sturgeon last November. She was told a number of them had understood the mesh would be completely removed but that had not happened, leaving some of the synthetic substance still attached.

After hearing about their experiences, Ms Sturgeon has now written to the women she saw, confirming that in the spring they will be given the chance to sit down with an independent clinician for a review of their case notes. That will be followed up by a report and possible referral to specialist care.

The case note review will initially only be offered to those who attended the first minister's meetings however, it may be offered more widely at a later date.

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Source: BBC News, 23 February 2020


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