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Whistleblower says career shattered by treatment

A former top medic on the Isle of Man who was unfairly dismissed has said her career has been "shattered" by her treatment.

Rosalind Ranson was the Department of Health and Social Care's (DHSC) medical director from January 2020.

She was awarded a record £3.19m in compensation after a lengthy tribunal which ruled she had been unfairly dismissed for whistleblowing.

Dr Ranson raised a number of serious concerns about the coronavirus advice on the island that was not being passed on to ministers.

She was later marginalised before being dismissed as the island's top medic when the operational services of DHSC transitioned into Manx Care.

Dr Ranson said: "For me it is a tragedy that my 35-year career in medicine has come to an end through these circumstances.

"I was proud of my professional integrity, my resilience, and my strength to stand up for those that I protected through my work as a doctor."

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Source: BBC News, 4 May 2023


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