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NHSE must ‘demonstrate it is trustworthy’ on data, says watchdog

The independent data watchdog has called for greater clarity from NHS England on how it will ensure there are “as strong… if not stronger” safeguards on health and care data following its takeover of NHS Digital.

NHS Digital – whose role included controlling access to large amounts of NHS data – became part of NHS England on 1 February, and its teams and functions are due to merge in coming months.

In an interview with HSJ, national data guardian Nicola Byrne said the merger creates “an inherent tension in having one organisation be both data custodian and the organisation seeking to access the data”, although it “makes sense in terms of streamlining and efficiencies”.

Concerns have been raised about the merger’s information governance implications by campaign group medConfidential, the British Medical Association and politicians. These include that there would be less transparency over the handling of data, and that NHSE would be “marking its own homework” as both controller of, and a major user of, data.

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Source: HSJ, 8 February 2023


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