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Orthodontist advised treatment with risk of harm to children, tribunal told

An orthodontist whose methods around shaping the jawline have gone viral advised treatment to young children that “carried a risk of harm”, a tribunal has heard. Dr Mike Mew, whose “mewing” techniques have racked up nearly 2 biillion views on TikTok, faces a misconduct hearing at the General Dental Council (GDC).

Opening the hearing in central London on Monday, Lydia Barnfather, representing the GDC, said comments made by Mew, who claims to help “alter the cranial facial structure” on his YouTube channel, were “pejorative” about orthodontists.

Barnfather told the professional conduct committee that Mew seeks to treat children with “head and neck gear” and “lower and upper arch expansion appliances” to help align teeth and shape the jawline.

“The GDC alleges this is not only very protracted, expensive, uncomfortable and highly demanding of the child, but it carries the risk of harm", Barnfather said.

It was heard that between September 2013 and May 2019, advice and treatment were provided to two children, referred to as Patient A and Patient B.

Mew was accused of failing to “carry out appropriate monitoring” of their treatment and “ought to have known” this was liable to cause harm.

Barnfather said: “The GDC allege you are not to have treated patients the way you did.”

She argued that both children had “perfectly normal cranial facial development for their age” before treatment took place. She added that the treatment was “not clinically indicated” and that Mew “had no adequate objective evidence” it would achieve its aims.

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Source: The Guardian, 14 November 2022


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