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Give all women a menopause check at 45, MPs told

Women should be invited for a menopause check-up when they turn 45, a report for MPs says, criticising the current support as completely inadequate.

The Menopause All-Party Parliamentary Group says it has listened carefully to women's experiences, including difficulties getting a diagnosis and accessing hormone-replacement therapy (HRT).

Many had long waits or were offered antidepressants, against guidelines.

The report covers a year-long inquiry.

It says action is needed to improve the situation for those going through the menopause, and the families, friends and colleagues affected by it.

And a health check offered to all women in their mid-40s, as they approach the perimenopause - when hormones decline and menopausal symptoms, such as hot flushes and night sweats, can begin - should help ensure the necessary support and care as early as possible.

The inquiry heard a 39-year-old who suspected she was perimenopausal was turned away by her GP and told to "wait and see".

Some 18 months later, she was "almost at the verge of collapsing, struggling to keep my usually happy marriage on track and not functioning well physically or mentally".

The report also warns a socio-economic divide is emerging between women able to access the right treatment and those who lose out in the postcode lottery and do not have the financial means to seek treatment elsewhere.

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Source: BBC News, 12 October 2022


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