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Health boards not publicising Long Covid services, says expert

Health boards are avoiding publicising their Long Covid services to avoid a rush of patients, an expert has claimed.

Edward Duncan, a professor of applied health research, has been evaluating rehabilitation services in Scotland for the past eight months.

The latest ONS figures showed 155,000 Scots had long lasting Covid symptoms.

Prof Duncan said the current situation was contributing to a "trickle" of patients accessing treatment in some regions.

He is working with Robert Gordon University, the University of Dundee and Long Covid sufferers to work out the best way to maximise recovery and quality of life for patients.

It comes after patient groups accused the health service and government ministers of pretending the illness has disappeared.

Prof Duncan said: "Staff in some health boards have said to us that they are purposely not publicising the pathway, because they fear that if they do, they will have so many referrals that they will not be able to meet demand."

"There is a lack of proactive publicity, despite the fact that in late 2020 every health board said that these services were there for patients who need them."

"We know from other research that patients are going to primary care and being told by their GP that they don't know where to send them."

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Source: BBC News, 14 June 2022


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